Resource Committee

Denise Kranz, Esq.

Pamela Hayes, Esq.

Tamara Mitchel, Esq.

Anita Rodriguez, M.A.

Pamela Sloan, Esq.

Joyce Turnipseed

Hon. Betty Weinberg Ellerin

Judicial Advisory Committee

Hon. Darcel Clark

Hon.Laura Jacobson

Hon. La Tia W Martin

Hon. Juanita Bing Newton


Serving as role models to support the young women as they pursue higher education and professional careers.


Judges, practicing lawyers and law school professors will all donate their time to introducing these young women to different legal fields and professions, and to the elements of legal analysis.


Introduce promising students to the study of law through a pre-college preparatory program conjoining course work in law and leadership with intensive training.


Our highly motivated Justice Academy graduates have enrolled in numerous colleges and universities throughout the nation!

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